The Cute and Profesh Blog is a resource that provides tips, ideas, inspiration, and motivation for unique professionals.

We seek to promote professionals who inject their personality into every aspect of their business, whether it be their own business or someone else’s. We strive to provide content that appeals and is helpful to you, the Cute and Profesh individual.

We want you to share your thoughts, ideas, qualms, etc. with us and the world, so that we can all grow as the professional landscape grows, and demonstrate our own unique talents in our business and personal life.

Whether you’re new to the professional environment or a seasoned pro, we hope that we can help you showcase your personality!

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Who writes this blog? Mostly, it’s me, Kaypee! Well, my whole name is Kaypee Pratt. I was a bartender at a famous shrimp restaurant.

I loved that job. I sadly left and happily found a job in an office, doing something else I loved. I manage a team in the office and I sometimes push the boundaries of what I’m allowed to do, to see how much I can express myself. See, I’m very quirky, excitable, and honest. I don’t like to be like everyone else, which has led me to experience a lot of learning.

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These past few years in the office, I’ve learned so much about what it takes to bring my personality into my work place. I’ve decided to share my experiences and ask others to share theirs, so we can all learn what it takes to succeed without jeopardizing ourselves.

You can keep up with me and the Cute and Profesh network by adding us both on Instagram: @killapeeez and @cuteandprofesh. You can also add the Cute and Profesh page on Facebook! Lastly, the Cute and Profesh twitter (@cuteandprofesh) is the perfect place to see relevant articles we find on the web!

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