The 3 Key Lessons from Sailing that are Important for your Business.

Recently, our team went on a trip to Newport, RI. It was a blast. The weather was perfect. The food was delicious! The company was fantastic.

One of the last days we were there, we all went on a sailing tour (equipped with champagne, of course).

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Just a little mimosa on the high seas.

I quickly realized that there are a few key lessons to be learned from sailing. I decided to share them with you here now.

  1. An expert sailor rarely comes from smooth seas.

    In rough times, we find out how far our strength can take us. We learn that, at some point, we HAVE to ask for help. We hone our skills when they are put to the test. There will always be tough times. If you haven’t experienced tough times, you don’t know how to navigate yourself, your goals, or your business through them. Welcome the choppy seas and bad storms as an opportunity to showcase your tenacity.

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  2. Make a plan, but be willing to deviate from it. 

    The destination is important, but more often than not, unforeseen circumstances cause a disruption in the original path. The wind and sea dictate your journey when you are sailing, and they can sometimes dictate your destination, even if you’ve checked the weather or conditions. Life is the same way. Be flexible. Plans change and sometimes, so does the end result. But resisting the change can be a detriment. Use the wind to your advantage, and let it carry you to new places.

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  3. You can enjoy the ride, even if you’re steering the boat. 

    Of course, you have to be paying attention to all the minute details of your business to keep the whole thing afloat, but you should still take a moment or two to enjoy the journey. You will be the one who has to be the most responsible, and, at times, it may seem easier for others on the boat to let loose. Just remember that your common interest is to keep the boat going forward, and allow yourself to kick back. You’re at the helm because you can take on a lot of responsibility AND enjoy the perks. ENJOY THEM! And allow your team to enjoy them with you.


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